Hi all,
  Due to the recent nature of things and events a very basic question
occured to me ? What is the purpose of this mailing list?

A very broad definition or understanding which was there of the list
is to co-ordinate indian activities in and around wikipedia and

I went to the mailman interface to see if I could garner some more
info. about the purpose/aims of the list but could not.


If I look at the wikimedia india homepage I found info. about the
mailing list in a stub way :-

Wikimedia India Mailing List :- Important for all wikipedians to
signup and stay connected.

As far as the list is concerned, who is its target audience ?

a. Programmers.
b. Editors, baby editors and that ilk
c. Users of Wikipedia.
d. Translators
e. Content creators, mashup creators ~ creative visionaries
f. All of the above.
g. Some of the above - describe who

Let me talk from where I'm coming from , I come from b. and c. I am no
high-level editor, I do some things for fun which leads to something
learning and vice-versa.

From both a community member perspective, a user perspective and a
potential tester (in the near future) I see the list as a :-

a. help list
b. sounding board for new ideas.
c. Making exciting events happen in and around the various wikipedia
and wikimedia products

3-4 months ago  before when I didn't even know that there was an
Indian mailing list all my queries esp. while editing were on the
#wikipedia IRC channel on freenode.

Now while sometimes my issues used to get solved, sometimes not and I
was not even that there was an Indian community and an Indian mailing
list. The sad part then was any of the issues could be drowned out in
the noise which has a possibility of it being documented on the
mailing list.

From an Indian's perspective the Village Pump is not at all adequate

if you look at that page itself, it has Americana written all over it,
its all points and stuff and something about why and what it for and
all those answers are atleast one link down or not more </bias>

If it was perhaps an Indian vp it would have somewhat of a more gentle
introduction to things and perhaps then roll off into other things.

Lastly, I am not looking for one person to respond on this but looking
at the whole community (old and new) to participate and perhaps get
some sort of feedback on this.

Looking forward to the discucssion. on this topic.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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