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> Hoi,

Hoi (guess it means hi :) ),

> When you are new to a Wikimedia project, you have to log in for a first time
> and accept cookies for that site. When you do, the user you just created
> will be included into your SUL profile. When it did not, you can add a new
> profile manually into your SUL profile. When your new profile is included,
> you will benefit from not having to log in when you move to another wiki.

What's SUL (the UL part would be perhaps Unified Login what does the S
stand for ?)

I tried again but was not able to log in, apparently I have another
password in Hindi. While I don't recall putting another one in but
still go through the motions.

This raises another question, can people have different passwords
(while having the same username) in all the wikimedia sites ?

From both an admin perspective as well as an editor perspective its a hassle .

comments, thoughts please........

> Thanks,
>      GerardM

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