Hi Arun,

I agree that this is a very serious issue. We should contact the foundation's 
legal counsel for suitable action as the foundation typically handles 
content-issues, particularly ones that involve a question of legality. Chapters 
shouldn't be mistaken as being responsible for the content on wikipedia (you'd 
know this already, but writing this in general).

- Sundar
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>As someone who created many of the Indian maps on wikipedia, this is a serious 
>issue which needs a decision as it has been in the gray for quite a while. I 
>have stopped my contribution of Indian maps ever since i realized that my work 
>could have legal repercussions. For now, all the maps come with an explanation 
>of the depiction of the borders and a disclaimer that it may not conform to 
>local laws. 
>Specimen: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:India_map_blank.svg
>This is an issue which requires someone with sound legal knowledge to solve, 
>something for the chapter to take up. Let us not forget that we are creating a 
>repository of knowledge, if wikipedia ever hid the truth for the sake of being 
>politically correct, the whole project is pointless.
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