The Narayam extension was developed to support keyboard methods. It was
first developed for the Malayalam language as a script that was running
locally and then as Junaid PV became a MediaWiki developer, it and the
support for other languages was included in this extension.

I blogged today about the relevance of this functionality and I asked Raon,
one of the MediaWiki developers, if he is happy to bring it into production
and finally I asked the good people at translatewiki.net to support its

So this is the situation:

   - this project can support many languages
   - for some languages more testing is needed
   - for some languages there is a request to be included
   - some languages are included
   - Shiju Alex is coordinating this effort
   - Junaid PV is developing the code
   - You are needed to localise this software at translatewiki.net

As I know it, this is the first software contribution coming from the Indian
communities and, I could not be more pleased with it. Please help by helping
yourself and yes, we would like to see more Indian MediaWiki developers :)

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