I'm not sure this is an accurate description of the situation; perhaps 
the title has more to do with the fact that the Wikimedia Foundation (as 
opposed to the chapter) is not a registered entity in India. However, as 
I don't work for/ speak for the foundation, I don't know for sure - and 
maybe someone from the foundation - Barry? - could clarify this better.

On Wednesday 23 February 2011 01:00 PM, Anivar Aravind wrote:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/2011-02-21/News_and_notes
> Dynamic content so copy-pasting relevant text
> Foundation appoints "consultant for National Programs" in India,
> following search for National Program Director
> The Wikimedia Foundation has appointed a "consultant for National
> Programs, India", whose role will be "to design and implement specific
> pilot programs that encourage many more Indians to become contributors
> to our projects in Indic languages as well as English." The new
> position is being filled by Hisham Mundol, who worked on "large-scale
> national programs on HIV/AIDS prevention" when he was a consultant for
> the Public Health Foundation of India. As Hisham Mundol said in his
> first IRC office hours, he speaks Hindi, Malayalam and English, and is
> currently based in Delhi.
> The announcement by the Wikimedia Foundation's Chief Global
> Development Officer, Barry Newstead, explained that Mundol is "a
> newcomer to the Wikimedia movement [who] will be spending the coming
> weeks (not months!) in learning mode". In an FAQ on the new position,
> it was explained that among the 179 applications, there were only
> seven from active Wikimedians, who do not have the required
> experience.
> The Foundation had not been advertising a job opening for a consultant
> for National Programs. Instead, the job opening in last August was for
> a "National Program Director, India", who would have been "the
> Wikimedia Foundation's chief representative in India". Newstead did
> not mention the previous job title or explain the modifications,
> except to note in the FAQ that the new position was as consultant
> rather than a staffer, partly because "we want to keep our options
> open in regards to the potential structure of future Wikimedia
> Foundation operations in India". It is likely that concerns about such
> a director's exposure to legal liability for Wikimedia content may
> have played a role. Asked in the IRC office hour about "the strategy
> we have for dealing with legal issues in India", Newstead emphasized
> that the Indian chapter and "Hisham, who is an independent contractor,
> have NO control over Wikimedia content as organizations." Discussing
> such concerns further, he advised the Indian chapter to get a good
> legal counsel, and align with organizations like the Centre for
> Internet and Society (CIS), which might be inclined to support
> Wikipedia.

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