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> CDACMumbai have a history of GPL Licensing one font series as a part
> of their indix project  , Raghu Series, by Late. Prof. R.K.Joshi,
> Famous Calligrapher and Researcher in Type faces.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R_K_Joshi
> Rebranding his Jana Series fonts to raghu series & GPLing them  was
> his long term effort from inside CDAC. But its font tables need to be
> corrected to make them usable .

The 'GPL' that these fonts had was the 'General Public License' wasn't
it ? And not the GNU General Public License. I may be mistaken though

I've been, in the past, known to berate and sigh C-DAC. In recent
times I've arrived at the conclusion that there's no upside thinking
that TDIL/MinIT/C-DAC will eventually figure out that selling services
around their products make for a better business case than trying to
hawk the products themselves. Or, that LGPL licensing their products
might make it easier to have an application developer network around

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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