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First of all, welcome to the mailing list and thanks for you interest in 

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1. Till the Britsh Raj, Brahmins kept a large part of Indian society out of 
bounds from knowledge which was in Sanskrit. They had provisions to pour molten 
lead into the ears of non-brahmins (including all women) who even heard a word 
of sanskrit. knowledge contained in that language is now available in English 
and Sanskrit only symbolises tyranny. Do we need Wikipedia in Sanskrit with the 
support of govt funding?

On you question on government support for a specific language, it would be 
inappropriate for anyone to comment on behalf of government action. They (govt) 
are probably best positioned to respond to that query.

As a far support for wikipedia or wikipedia is concerned, given there is a lot 
of volunteer work to be done, support from any quarters is welcome - 
individuals or organisations is welcome.

The intention of this list is to connect wikipedians and those interested in 

Wikipedia seeks to collate the sum total off all knowledge and make it 
available for all to use freely. That includes as many languages as possible 
including Sanskrit and Pali.

We should also bear in mind the following as well;

- The eight schedule of the Indian constitution lists Sanskrit as one of the 22 
languages [1]
- Sanskrit is also the official language of one of the states of India - 
Uttarkhand. [2]


2. Why cannt we have a wikepedia in Pali as well, the language which was used 
by Budha and which can give us an alternate view on life to that of vedic view?

This has been answered by others on the list. You are welcome to contribute to 
Pali or any other language of your choice / interest on wikipedia.Volunteer 
content contributions are most welcome.


best regards


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