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> Dear friends,
> A reminder to you that work has begun on assembling a list of articles
> suitable for a Wikipedia For Schools Offine Edition (Indian version). At
> present, its a one-man effort (namely, me). It is located here :
> The immediate reason for this is that the present version is tailor-made
> for the UK schools curriculum. User Bozmo (creator of WPSOE) has indicated
> that about 300 articles extra have been added for this reason. User Bozmo
> has promised guidance to this project once the 2011 version will be released
> in a couple of months time. In the meantime, if anybody feels that some
> particular article on India should be added to the 2011 version, please
> contact Bozmo immediately.
> The aim of this endeavour is two-fold.  The first is to have an Indian
> version tailor-made for our context and which will (hopefully) tackle all
> the issues you all mentioned in the recent thread. The second is - to have a
> framework of articles on Indian subjects. This list will help us to ensure
> that core knowledge will be developed and brought up in standard. The same
> list can be used to cross-check the articles in Indic-language wikipedias so
> as to prioritise content needing development.
> The methodology and progress are as indicated :
> 1. Prepare list of topics of the latest version of Wikipedia for Schools
> (SOS Children's Village Project version - html download). (Done)
> 2. Count them. (Done).
> 3. Check each section's topics for relevance and : (Yet to begin)
>     * Delete articles pertaining to British/North American cultural
> contexts irrelevant to the Indian context.
>     * Add articles relevant to the Indian context.
> 4. Prepare list of desired topics from a set of textbooks in CBSE and
> countercheck availability on Wikipedia for Schools - Indian version.
> 5. Get list counter-checked with the Learning Lab's semantic and
> phyllogenic web (proposed).
> 6. Get domain experts in each field to cross-check if any important topics
> left out.
> 7. During the process (steps 4 to 6) get peer review.
> 8. Censorship (as required).
> 9. If Wikipedia for Schools occupies less space, add articles. If Wikipedia
> for Schools exceeds size of DVD then trim number of articles.
> 10. Compile the offline version - humungous task.
> 11. Trial deployment.
> 12. Usability testing.
> 13.Release version 0.1.
> Comments and participation welcomed. All of you are requested to please
> contribute timely so that issues can be sorted out during the procedure
> rather than having to redo the work afterward. Since this is an Indian
> initiative on English Wikipedia, I am using this post to inform all of you,
> as has been suggested earlier - get the relevant language wikipedia
> community in the picture.
> Warm regards,
> Ashwin Baindur
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