Hi all,
        I will be using my bot account User:TinucherianBot [1] to deliver
the future Wikimedia India newsletter notices to the individual user talk
pages ( Similar to the Wikipedia Signpost) in English & different
Indian/Indic language Wikipedias. The newsletter will be only available in
English as of now and will be mostly hosted on Wikimedia.in (
wikimedia.inis currently being moved to Wikimedia servers).

The account already has a bot task approval on English Wikipedia[2]. The bot
needs approval and bot flags in the respective language Wikipedias for this
task. The talk page delivery is only for the users who opt in for. The opt
in list pages will be created soon.

I will be filing request for bot task approval in the individual language
Wikipedias. I cannot apply for global bot status for this bot task.

For more details.

Request the help and co-operation of the community/admins/B'crats on each of
the Wikipedias for the same.

Thanks in advance.

Tinu Cherian

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:TinucherianBot
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