*Hisham Mundol wrote ,,,,*
*"I am particularly struck by your point on not having an easy-to-source*
*and effective-to-use wikipedia/wikimedia introduction.  I'd like to
volunteer to help put something together.

Can I request whoever has a deck ready to email me a copy of that and
I'll try to create a deck that can be shared.  ...because of file sizes,
if it's easier, could you email it to me on hmun...@wikimedia.org."*

Hi Hisham,

Thanks for the thumbs up you gave!

I have since improved the presentation that I used. It is now available here
for public download in odf format.


It is partly based partly on a presentation by Sounthar Rajan A and a couple
of points taken from one by Tinu Cherian and a lot of the work is mine.

Credits from images - three from Commons (Wikipedian youth, banner & thank
you), (links given in notes view). Library rack image taken from Sounthar
Rajan's presentation - license unknown but assume its a free one. All logos
and screenshots from the projects.

You can develop this one further! In the present state, its satisfactory for
use by anyone as a rough and ready presentation to use!

Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur
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