Wow, Bala. Thanks much for this.

Maybe we could link this from too so we can collate all
outreach programs over the years, please?

> The sessions were a mixed success - half the crowd had turned up for the
> participation certificate and it was difficult to retain their attention.
> But the other half was eager to learn something new and there were a few
> very enthusiastic people eager to contribute

You know, my take on this is that half is a pretty good number - I've
found this in some of my work as well - people have very different
motivations for participating but if we can get a reasonably decent
subset of attendees interested, it has been successful. A question I
have, is there any particular material you have found more useful than
others? Or any particular approach?

> The college paid me 2500 Rs allocated to the "resource person" by UGC for
> such activities. It was an awkward situation accepting money - but they had
> to present their accounts and show that the money allocated by UGC was
> actually spent, so i couldnt say no. I took the money and  donated 2100 Rs
> (minus my travelling + pamphlet expenses) to the foundation. Maybe the
> chapter can work out some sort of guidelines for this whole getting paid in
> the line of outreach thing. (The donation to foundation minus expenses was
> an idea i got from the prevailing paid editing practice in en wiki)

This seems like a good idea, Bala. I'd leave where a person chooses to
donate the money, Foundation or Chapter, up to the individual but
would love to hear feedback on this. My personal opinion, of course.

Thank you.



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