Really interesting to read, Bala - thanks for taking the time to write 
this up!

On 3/7/2011 11:05 PM, BalaSundaraRaman wrote:
> Let's please document such reports at 
> and/or apart 
> from emailing to the list.

In terms of documentation, I wanted to direct you all to the draft 
University programming plan currently in development.  The general plan 
describing the overall need and approach towards university program work 
can be found at the outreach wiki:

Four different models are outlined as ways to reach universities: via 
classrooms, student groups, university staff, and outside constituents.  
The local Wikimedian Community/chapter falls into this last category, 
and the suggestions/activities you recorded here are great examples of 
involvement.  There is a shell of page for this created on outreach as 

It would be great to capture some of these thoughts on this last page 

Thanks again -

Jessie Wild
Special Projects Manager
Global Development
Wikimedia Foundation

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