When you want to read Wikipedia off line, you can when having a user
interface in English is not a problem. You are also in luck when you use the
software that is developed for Malayalam. The Wikimedia Foundation is
supporting new functionality that uses the openZIM format and, this will
allow you to make selections that can be used off-line.

Okawix will likely be the first application that supports openZIM and can be
localised at translatewiki.net. They told me that once they are ready with
supporting the Android and iPhone smart phones, they will work on supporting
openZIM. In the mean time, their software can be localised at
translatewiki.net and you can download the data in your language as well.

I am really interested to learn if Okawix works well for your language.
There are two parts to it:

   - does the content look good on your smart phone
   - is the software working properly for you in your language

If there is something amiss with the language support of the software, then
you can help us by improving the localisation of Okawix.

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