I think that were stub articles, there is nothng wrong in creating stub
articles by bot.As per Jimmy wales "*There’s nothing wrong with the idea of
generating articles on populated places using bots. During one of his recent
visits to India, Jimmy Wales mentioned how stub articles on the populated
places in United States drove the growth of English Wikipedia. People
hailing from these places would google their hometowns and arrive at
Wikipedia. They would then start adding the missing details to these
articles, becoming active contributors in the process."

That why hindi wiki had such kind of stub articles, These article were
generated just before utkarsh's analysis.Unfortunately they got some error
due to some bot script error. We were already aware of that.Due to some
factual errors these articles were deleted instantaneously. In last 4 month
hindi wiki has deleted about 20,000 such kind of stub articles per our
community discussion.We have also banned creation of very short article
through a abuse filter which has not allowed about 2000 article creation for
last 3 months.Giving a little information about any article is not bad as it
contain information but as these recently  created **Village **article got
some errors due to error in bot script and incorrect information that's why
we deleted such type of articles immediately.Such kind of articles are
present in many big wikis.I am happy after deleting 20,000 such kind of
article hindi wiki still have 80,000 articles.We want our wiki growth in all
dimensions not only in no of articles.

Thank you and Regards
Hindi Wikipedian
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> http://ut7.in/2011/03/quantity-over-quality-the-sad-story-of-hindi-wikipedia/
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