I agree with Bishakha.

People generally contribute money for causes they believe in but
not necessarily part of.

Another interesting thing that I came across, while I was doing my
background work for this story and talking to prolific editors and
Wikipedians, I found out that less than 5 % of them actually donated money
to Wikipedia ever. Of course they contribute their valuable time and
knowledge to this beautiful project. For different people, it is different
way of contributing.

Those who are donating money to Wikipedia are mostly readers, who possibly
believe this project is useful for them and mankind. They also donate their
money to this project because it is "owned by the public" and not by a
company. How many of you would want to donate money to Google search however
good it is and indispensable in every day life ?

Tinu Cherian

On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 1:02 PM, Bishakha Datta <bishakhada...@gmail.com>wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 12:22 PM, Gerard Meijssen <
> gerard.meijs...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> However, do you agree with me that being able to contribute to Wikipedia
>> (financially or as an editor) is what it takes to give a sense of ownership?
>> Thanks,
>>       GerardM
> I'm not sure that making a financial contribution necessarily gives a sense
> of ownership.
> Several people regularly contribute to charities, for instance. Indians, in
> particular, contribute to religious charities (eg temple trusts, wakf etc)
> both in small amounts during visits and in larger sums.
> Does that necessarily mean they feel a sense of ownership vis a vis the
> charity they contribute to? I'm not sure. I think people feel good about
> giving, but not sure that is a proxy for ownership. Some may, others may
> not; it may also vary with amount etc.
> Best
> Bishakha
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