...Julian Assange  (Wikileaks) on Wikipedia , India donations in an
interview to [[The Hindu]]


*Data has just come out that the people of India have been among the largest
donors of Wikipedia, maybe even WikiLeaks. That data has not leaked yet.
Does that surprise you?*

It is very gratifying to hear. We don't know where they are from. It is for
their protection, so we cannot be influenced by people, except of course to
keep us going. *But I am heartened to hear India is supporting something
like Wikipedia that has goals which are not too dissimilar from us.* That is
why we want to collect important information and present it to the public.
We are trying to go after the hardest case, that is the information of spy
agencies and states that are trying to restrict. And when it is published
they will go after the publisher.

Tinu Cherian
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