Hi there,
           I am helping a journo with a story on a national magazine on
Indian Wikipedias. If you are ok giving inputs/ being quoted and is an
active Wikipedian / Admin in the following language Wikipedias ( *Assamese,
Bhojpuri, Manipuri, Gujarati, Nepali, Punjabi, pali, sanskrit, Sindi, Urdu,
Marathi, Kashmiri, Divehi*) , kindly send me a personal mail.

           Please send me the link to your Userpage, email and contact
number. Please specify in case if you have no problems in giving inputs but
not comfortable being quoted ( for any reason).

Remember to remove the India mailing list address while replying, so that
your personal details are not publicly archived.

Thanks in advance.

Tinu Cherian
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