... and I have yet to search for 'Bankimchandra Bose' :)
BTW, I was startled to read that many of the Indian languages are *still*
tagged as "regional" languages, (factually, they are "official" languages as
far as Republic of India is concerned and some of them have official status
across multiple nations)

But ya, I agree with Tinu; this article did its job to bring Indic language
wikipedias in focus.


2011/3/25 <wikimediaindia-l-requ...@lists.wikimedia.org>

> On 25 March 2011 15:51, CherianTinu Abraham <tinucher...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> + more..
>> * Shiju and me are referred as Tamil Wikipedians.
>> * Jim Wales instead of Jimmy Wales
>> * 22 Indian lang Wikipedias instead of 20
>> Honestly, It is very rare we can get a completely error free media article
>> , how much ever we help and participate closely. Can't always help it but
>> unfortunately it is the way it is.  Sometimes they make lots of goof-ups
>> that I myself is embarrassed to send it to the mailing list.
>> However glad to see this article at least tried to cover Indian language
>> Wikipedias in focus.
>> I was told, that the print edition is already available in Delhi, but for
>> other locations, it may hit the news stands by the weekend.
>> Regards
>> Tinu Cherian
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