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From: Ting Chen <>
Date: Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 1:48 AM
Subject: [Foundation-l] Message to community about community decline
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Dear all:

The Wikimedia Board of Trustees just completed its two-day meeting [1]
this weekend in Berlin. We devoted the longest time to discussing
declining trends in editing activity and our collective response to it.
I encourage everyone to review Sue’s March update [2], and the editor
trends study itself [3]. It is a deeply important topic, and each report
is only a few pages long.

The Board thinks this is the most significant challenge currently facing
our movement. We would encourage the whole movement - the communities,
wikiprojects, Chapters, Board, Foundation staff - to think about ways to
meet this challenge. We know many contributors care about this and have
worked on outreach and hospitality in past years. We are considering how
we can help make such work more effective, and ask for suggestions from
the community to this problem now and to invite discussion and
suggestions [4].



Ting Chen
Member of the Board of Trustees
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

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