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From: Jessie Wild <>
Date: Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 10:32 PM
Subject: [Wikimedia Kenya] Offline distribution map
To: "The discussion list for the upcoming Wikimedia Kenya chapter." <>


I just wanted to direct your attention to the new offline portal on the
meta-wiki that is to be used to track all offline projects!  It can be found
here:  The goal is that
this is the place where all the offline materials and lessons learned will
be codified and able to access. So, for example, it would be great to
include the copy of your WfS User Manuel.

In particular, I was hoping you could help with populating a map designed to
capture where all the offline distributions have taken place. See this Google
There are a few examples already installed, but for each location we would
basically want to include:

   - Number of offline distributions: (i.e., #computers)
    - Number impacted:  (e.g., # of students + teachers)
   - Content: (e.g., "Wikipedia for Schools")
    - Language: (e.g., "English")
    - Contact: (e.g., "Samson Maosa & Isaac Kosgei" (or usernames))
   - Other/Notes: (if applicable)

It would be great if we could have flags for each school the offline project
has been uploaded.  If you need help populating the map, please let me know,
and I am happy to send instructions on how to do so.

Let me know what questions you have! And please feel free to contribute to
the wiki in whatever way you think is most valuable: reorganizing, uploading
content, data, etc.

Thanks for your help! Hope you think this is valuable: I think it will be a
great way to organize volunteers, but also a great place to direct partners
to who are interested in learning more information about the purpose of the
project (e.g., Ministry of Education).


Jessie Wild
Special Projects Manager
Global Development
Wikimedia Foundation

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