I asked Peter Weis to help me with a proof of concept. He loaded Santhosh's
website on an iPhone and provided me with a photo of the result.

I blogged about it.


On 29 March 2011 23:00, Mani Pande <mpa...@wikimedia.org> wrote:

>  Just a friendly reminder, please see my earlier message below about
> participating in the mobile study. Please let us know ASAP if you are
> willing to participate in the study.
> Thanks
> Mani
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> On 3/23/11 10:34 AM, Mani Pande wrote:
> We're launching a study to observe and understand Wikipedia editors'
> current reading and editing practices, with an emphasis on mobile devices,
> but to also include desktop and laptop computers and other devices used in
> their editing and reading processes. We have commissioned Mosoci [
> http://mosoci.com/] to carry out this research project which will include
> a 3-phased process:  a. A short online homework assignment  b. A 2 hour F2F
> interview  Wikipedia  editors (to be conducted in New Delhi and Bangalore
> April end - early May) c. Potentially participate in a workshop with the
> Wikipedia team as well.  We are looking for Wikipedia editors in English,
> Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. This list obviously leaves out
> more languages than it includes, but since it is a qualitative study we had
> to make some hard decisions to limit the scope of the study. But we will be
> conducting subsequent quantitative research in India in the summer.
> As is our policy at Wikipedia, we have discouraged our research agency from
> offering any monetary incentive for this project - however, in the spirit of
> Wikipedia, we assure you an interesting journey and conversation.  Your
> participation is extremely valuable to us and we'd like to show our
> appreciation by giving you some Wikipedia memorabilia like T-shirts,
> stickers, badges etc. But most importantly, it will be to ensure that we
> understand the needs of Wikipedia editors in India and provide a platform
> that enables the editing process.
> In addition to Wikipedia editors, we will be also speaking with Wikipedia
> readers in India to understand the experience of reading Wikipedia primarily
> on the mobile phone in India.
> This research is critical for meeting our strategic objectives of
> increasing participation and reach in India. The research in India is the
> first phase of the global user experience study that we are embarking upon.
> We will be conducting similar studies in Brazil and US in the summer.
> If you'd like to participate and help us grow, do let us know by March 31
> by replying to this thread or writing directly to me at
> mpa...@wikimedia.org or to Dina Mehta from Moscoi at d...@moscoi.com.
> Thanks in advance
> Mani
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