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On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 23:31, Santhosh Thottingal <> wrote:
> Srikanth mentioned a valid issue related to search engine optimization
> with Indian wikis. I dont get any result for this query:
> "Malayalam + Mango "  to take me to Mango article in Malayalam wiki.
> Because there is no way a search engine can index the word Mango in
> english to the Malayalam wiki page of Mango. Having Mango in URL does
> not help search engines.
> I know some SEO tricks used by Malayalam news portals to address this.
> They use Meta tag efficiently and put english and malayalam keywords
> associated with the article. For eg: a news article about
> Mullapperiyar Dam will contain a meta tag with keywords
> "മുല്ലപ്പെരിയാര്‍ ഡാം, mullapperiyar dam, "
> Some of the news portals even integrated this trick their news
> publishing workflow with custom plugins to CMS systems(like Drupal).
> If we want to get people searching in English to our wiki articles, we
> can think about a Meta tag solution - some extension that injects
> keywords to meta tag.
> Don't we need to point show if one search
> for Kochi? atleast within first 10 results?

 Completely agree with you Santhosh. SEO is as important as outreach (its
online outreach after all). Ravi,Sundar,myself were discussing this on a
dinner after a meetup. But manually adding Meta tags is an additional
overhead on content creators IMHO. If there is some automatic tagging with
interwiki english page category etc(Bot idea ?), its worth a try.

Ravi, can you please add more since you are an expert :)

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