Heya guys,

I just wanted to bring up a few questions and other things.

At a meetup Last year [January 2010, Bangalore], a few guys from Google had
showcased their Translator Toolkit.
I wanted to know how many people use this. This tool, while it might seems
useless to some, actually is essential in many ways.
While it might seem useless, going by the fact that it doesn't give good
translations, or even transliteration, [it used to show Poeeying for Boeing,
in Roman script for translation to Tamil], it is a community based system.
The more contributed, the more it helps. Google's translation website
currently supports only Hindi among Indian languages, and the more
contributions are made [collectively], the better for the community.

Apart from this, I wanted to bring up some more points.
In October 2010, Mani Pande had asked for a survey about editing from Mobile
I believe http://quillpadmobile.in is handy as it helps in typing in Hindi
on Mobile Phones.
If anybody uses it, please do reply here.

Srikanth R
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