Hi Folks

I've updated and detailed out all the sections on the India Plan. *

Thank you so much to all who've engaged and contributed to this - on the
talk pages and 1-on-1.

Some key highlights of what I've added:

   - Based on queries I've received, I've added a "Strategic Thinking"
   section that sets out the some guiding ideas for the plan.
   - Updated the various initiatives with learnings and experience from
   around the world (e.g., Public Policy Initiative, Wiki Guides, incubation or
   "greenhouse" as used in Russian & Hebrew Wikipedias)
   - Detailing out the Campus Program, including a proposed pilot city
   - Updated the sections on Outreach Impact and Digital Outreach (formerly
   titled Social Media)
   - Updated team structure / roles  & responsibilities
   - Updated timelines.  (These continue to remain somewhat ambitious, but
   using it at as a starting point.)

Please do take time out and read the page.  As always, I'd love to hear from
you.  Please feel free to share your views on this mailing list or on the
talk page or offlist with me or any other channel you prefer!

Something that I think would be useful would be to present this plan
face-to-face with as wide a group as possible.  If you could let me know
(offlist please) when your next community meet-ups are scheduled (across the
country), I'd love to be able to come down and share the plan with you in

(Also, as agreed in the first India Programs' IRC, there's a monthly IRC
scheduled for this Thursday evening India time.  We could discuss the India
Plan in addition to anything else.  I'll send out a note on that separately)

Kind Regards,

*Hisham Mundol*

*India Programs - Wikimedia Foundation*


skype: hisham.wikimedia

gtalk: hmun...@wikimedia.org

twitter: @mundol
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