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On 08-04-11 15:37 Daniel Kinzler <> wrote:

>Hi all!
>Wikimedia Deutschland is offering a contract for implementing the
>component for our Graph Processor project. Anyone interested is invited to
>apply, the official call for bids is at
>The Graph Processor project aims to develop an infrastructure for rapidly
>analyzing and evaluating Wikipedia's category structure. It's supposed to
>part of the Toolserver infrastructure (and eventually, the WMF search
>that allows CatScan-like queries to run in under a second instead of
>The contract offered here covers the implementation of the GraphServ
>which is to function as a service by which applications can access the
>structures of different wikis, similar to the way a database server would
>provide access to information stored in databases. Technically, GraphServ
>is a
>server that manages TCP connections and attaches them to instances of
>which do the actual processing of the category structures
><>. The server
>will be
>accessed by applications via client libraries written in PHP, Python,
>etc, which
>are not in scope of the contract but will be developed in parallel by
>A rough specification of the GraphServ component along with requirements
>for the
>implementations can be found at
>Note that GraphServ will be released as Open Source Software. While
>Deutschland will be the copyright holder for the software developed under
>contract, we will include the name of the actual authors in the copyright
>Applications should include the following:
>* The applicant's prior experience with designing and implementing
>software, as well as any other relevant qualifications
>* An overview of the intended architecture of the implementation and the
>technologies used, along with a rationale for choosing this architecture
>technologies over others.
>* A rough road map of the implementation, documentation and testing
>phases, with
>the appropriate mile stones.
>* Estimate of working hours needed
>* Time frame for the implementation (calendar weeks)
>* Total expected cost, including taxes
>Please send your application to <> by April 29.
>PS: please forward this to anyone you think could be interested. thanks!

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