Hi Folks

As many of you are aware, one of the decisions India Programs needs to take is 
where to locate the office.  On a sub-page tof India Programs 
 I've put together the selection criteria that are currently going into the 
decision, as well as the list of towns/cities to be evaluated.

Can I request you to have a look these, and share your views on the Talk page 
(or directly with me, if you prefer.)  I'd appreciate any kind of comments, and 
from as many community members as possible.  For instance, you could mention if 
any additional criteria should be included, or if some existing one(s) should 
be deleted, or if any particular weightage(s) is high/low.  Also, I've put down 
the list of towns/cities currently being considered.  I've deliberately kept an 
additional column for "any other location."  Please discuss the name(s) of any 
other town/location.

You'll notice that I haven't actually put the scores down for each town/city; 
that's the next step.


Hisham Mundol
India Programs - Wikimedia Foundation

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