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> * Campus Ambassador program.
> Mandar Kulkarni spoke about his motivation to edit in Marathi and why this
> is such a worthwhile and important activity. Mandar regularly features a
> Marathi article in WikiPuneri. He is the author of more than 600 articles on
> Wikipedia.
> The highpoint of the evening was a Skype call with Hisham Mundol. Hisham
> outlined the Campus Ambassador program and explained that Pune was chosen as
> the location of the pilot project of the Campus Ambassador scheme. The
> reasons for choosing Pune included, among others, large number of
> educational institutions, cosmopolitan student body and established
> Wikipedia user community. The lessons learnt here would be useful for the
> next stage when the movement would be moved.
> In the discussion which followed a number of points were made -
> * The vacations are due so Hisham/the program needs to move fast. Hisham
> said he's coming to Pune next week.
> * The number of active editors in Pune may not suffice keeping in mind the
> scope of the pilot. Hisham plans to call for campus ambassadors country-wide
> and involve people who are not yet Wikipedians but interested in
> participating.
> * There is a need to approach those in authority in all educational
> institutions so that the followup will be seen by all as sanctioned by
> authority and therefore moreachievable.
> * In Maharashtra, college students need to undergo 100 hours of computer
> training/involvement which is not syllabus driven. This provides scope for
> Wikipedia to get involved.
> * Getting the experiences of Mozilla ambassadors and others in Red Hat etc
> who have been invoilved in outreach programs will be useful.

Small correction here:
I was talking about Fedora Ambassadors and not Mozilla ambassadors.

Details here:
Check the India specific pages there. I can connect to many previous
ambassadors from India.

Mozilla campus reps program details are available here:

I don't know anyone from Pune there.

> * Hisham requested that we should meetup with as many contacts as possible
> when he is in Pune and is open to the idea of Skype talks and cold calls to
> heads of institutions.
> Those who had come to the meetup for the first tme were then asked as to how
> we could help them or how they could help us. The last activity was an
> editting session for the newbies in which a new concept was tried out. The
> first two exercises of a newly prepared worksheet for learning editting in
> Wikipedia :
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:AshLin/Academy
> Next monthly meetup is on 14 May 2011. Meeting when Hisham is here will be
> intimated by Sudhanwa.
> Au revoir, Ashwin Baindur

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