Not to forget Srikant Kedia (User:wikiodisha1), an now active Wikipedian in

Here is an interesting story  ( sharing with his permission)  about his
involvement. He started "using Wikipedia" in 2003/04 for "mischievous
work" adding his name to articles etc.. And his many many accounts
were blocked. In 2010 December, he created User:Odisha1 & then started
volunteering on English Wikipedia. Later he discovered Odia WIki and
now editing Odia articles & promoting Odia Wikipedia everywhere. He
was going around meeting principals of many schools to tell students about
Or wiki. In fact, he is the one of the organizers of the upcoming Cuttack
Wiki workshop this weekend.

Another new Wikipedian in Malayalam , Sai_K_shanmugam ( ) is a Class 2 student :).
 Will beat Abhishek_Jacob, who joined in his Class 9 or so. Sai's main
interest is in taking and uploading commons.

I trust the school wiki initiatives ( ) in Kerala
must have brought in more young Wikipedians.

If you know of such interesting young Wikipedians , do share with us .

Tinu Cherian

On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 5:52 PM, CherianTinu Abraham

> Achal,
>           I would like to steal your youngest Wikipedian tag from Srikanth
> (rsrikanth05) to this kid (Bvajresh) whom we met in Trichy :)
> He has been editing for more than 2 years , he claims...He edits mostly
> anonymously though..
> An admin from Malayalam Wikipedia, Abhishek_Jacob is also a school
> student.
> Nothing to undermine your huge efforts, Srikanth .. You have been always
> one of the most energetic young Wikipedians, we all know :)
> Keep up the good work.
> Regards
> Tinu Cherian
> On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 11:58 PM, Achal Prabhala <>wrote:
>> I must say that one lives and learns in the most unpredictable ways.
>> This Sunday, at the Bangalore meetup, I learned that Srikanth (who I met
>> for the first time) is finishing his last two years of school. Srikanth
>> told me off-list that he is not the youngest Wikipedian in India. For
>> the record, however, he is the youngest Wikipedian that I know in India.
>> And it felt pretty amazing....
>> Glad that you do what you do Srikanth. The world is a better place with
>> you editing it!
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