I've been working for a few hours on a Chrome extension to add links
to Indic Language Wiki pages when searching in Google. It hooks into
Google's search results, and if it finds an enwiki article (to which a
tawiki interwiki link also exists), it'll display it side by side.
Screenshot here: http://min.us/mbmIeeUOb8y00p#1

You can test the extension by installing it from here:

It is open source, and the code is available here:
https://github.com/yuvipanda/yenWikipedia/. You can file issues here

Known issues:
1. Doesn't work when Google Instant is turned on (turn it off)
2. Doesn't work for some country specific subdomains (which don't have
/search url part. Current solution: use google.com :P)
3. Currently hardcoded to display links to tawiki only (Will have to
build an options dialog to support other languages)
4. Needs a better logo (Help in this department would be highly appreciated :) )

I think this is one step forward in fixing the search issue -
discovering content in Indic Language wikis is now easier.

Thanks to Srikanth Lakshmanan for alpha testing.

Feedback welcome :)

P.S. I'm also working on a Firefox version of this addon. Stay tuned :)

Yuvi Panda T

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