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Hi Subha 

This is a fantastic initiative. I just saw the video and it's a really well put 
together.  Even though it's Odia centric, I'd really advice everyone in other 
language projects to take a look at it.  It shows how to edit, basic wiki 
markups, etc. - in an Odia context.  I love the call-out buttons!

couple of comments. 

a) Not sure if it's designed that way, but I don't get sound when I saw it.  If 
it's meant to be that way, that's great because it is really clear even without 
a voice over
b) Would be great if you provide access to it in on the odia wikipedia 
 all you social networks (eg, you odia wikipedia facebook page, etc.), use it 
all your outreach sessions (which I'm sure you're planning) and socialise it 
and wide!

This is really really really impressive, Subha.  Hats off to you - and the rest 
of the Odia Community. 

All the very best!

Hisham Mundol
Wikimedia Foundation India Programs 
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twitter: @mundol 

On Apr 18, 2011, at 1:41 PM, Subhashish Panigrahi wrote:

Here is the link of the file in commons.
>The file thumbnail is added to Odia Wikipedia [ ]
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