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From: Quim Gil <>
Date: 15 April 2011 03:25
Subject: [WikimediaMobile] Setting the game for a fresh Wikipedia app
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Hi, it's been some weeks since the first day I discussed with Tomasz and
Alolita about what a Wikipedia mobile app could be. We are at that point
where we need to share a common vision, so let's check how much we agree
already.  :)
26_Roadmap#Rationale describes an app that imho would be great to have
for the Wikimedia community and beyond. Warning: there is no feasibility
check done on those features yet. But if you like them we might be able
to get someone with the skills to investigate what is easy, what is
though but doable and all the rest.

Developing those features through iterations in a reference
HTML5/CSS/Javascript implementation will make easier to have ports for
specific platforms, hopefully requiring just a little extra work (as
opposed to rewriting for each platform).

Being an open source application developed openly may also help getting
some of these "community features" implemented in the many commercial
apps around, currently focusing only on read-only use cases. If the
features are cool and we give them the code for free...


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