Hi All,

Here I am again with few queries about uploading pictures in Commons.

1. There are many postage stamps available on eminent personalities which
are to be there in Wikipedia, but as post 1951 postage stamps are not in PD
there is no possible way to keep them in Commons, Any solutions for that?

2. There are many pictures available for eminent leaders, and many of them
are photographed before 1951, but the source is not available and so is the
date of issue. So, I was wondering if I can draw them by hand, scan and
using tool make little correction so that they won't violate the copyright.
Please suggest me if you have any better idea. I desperately want to see the
profile of the prominent people with their pictures. And how about uploading
pictures in Flikr? I have seen many pictures uploaded in Commons have the
Flikr link, and they are marked as Copyrighted in Flikr (By the same author,
I am confused, if it is in public domain or copyrighted)

3. If I have a newspaper cutting and I am not sure about the publication
date how can I find a better way than fair usage? Can I sketch by hand
seeing the published picture and upload in Commons instead of uploading in
regional Wiki?

4. If an image is uploaded is wrongly marked as Copyrighted even if the site
is not the actual source of a picture and the original picture is not
available what the picture will be called? PD/Copyrighted?

5. If some pictures are available by a State Government portal like
is that possible to add them commons?

ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଉଇକିପିଡ଼ିଆ
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