Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to circle back on the progress for the Indian version of the
WIkipedia for Schools[1].  User:BevMo, who is putting together the English
Wikipedia for Schools said they can create a customized version of the 2011
release for India!

All we need is a list of the ~200-300 articles and the permalinks you would
like to add which are specific to India.  Would you all like to progress
with this option?  It seems like it could be very valuable and hopefully
would not require too much additional work, as I know there is a list on
User:AshLin's page with articles already[2].

I'd love and welcome your thoughts!


[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:AshLin/Work_list#Notes

*Jessie Wild
Global Development, Manager
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