Hi Gerard

Thanks for your mail.  

There are inspiringly passionate people writing in both Indic and English 
Wikipedias.  I'd urge you to look at both postings, i.e., the one for 
Participation and the one for Indic Initiatives in conjunction with each other 
- because that's how I'm looking at them. You'll notice that in the Indic 
Initiatives posting, online ambassadors for Indic languages are specifically 
called out.  It is specifically because the nuances and context and challenges 
of Indic Wikipedias are different from English - and I wanted to make sure we 
don't lose out out on the attention and capability that they require.  (Indeed, 
even within the various Indic Wikipedias, they are in different stages of 
evolution - so there isn't a broad brush for them.)

p.s. please don't be amazed that you can apply.  Apply!  Would love to have 
Wikimedians in the team - and am using this reply as a shameless plug to call 
for (even) more interest from the community!

Hisham Mundol
Wikimedia Foundation India Programs
skype: hisham.wikimedia
gtalk: hmun...@wikimedia.org
twitter: @mundol

On May 8, 2011, at 6:43 PM, Gerard Meijssen wrote:

> Hoi,
> I read the opening for Consultant, Participation - India Programs. To my 
> amazement I find that I can apply for this job. I think I qualify because I 
> have ample qualification when it comes to Wikimedia, projects and what not. I 
> am a well known Wikimedian in India because of my frequent writing about 
> issues with supporting India for the WMF projects.
> Given that the job states that the online ambassadors are to write in English 
> only ... eh ... I can even do their training. But wait a moment, Hisham WHY 
> English only ?? If you ask me the most passionate people about Wikipedia are 
> the ones writing in the languages of India. Why may the languages of India 
> not benefit from the ambassadors program ???
> Hisham, when you hire me as the Consultant Participation, I will certainly 
> train people in English but I promise you that I will tell people that the 
> same techniques, the same abilities the students are learning apply equally 
> to their mother tongue. You know Hisham, the people championing the languages 
> of India would even welcome me because they know they can expect this of me. 
> So even though I am European and have never been to India, I can apply for 
> this job. What do you say?
> Thanks,
>        GerardM
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