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> Hi All,
> Welcome from Bangalore Wikipedians!
> The 33rd Bangalore 
> WikiMeetUp<>was
>  organised at 3 PM, CIS, Domlur, Bangalore attended by 19 Wikipedians
> including Wikimedia Board of Trustee member Bishakha Datta, Hisham Mundol
> from  India Programs, Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia India Chapter
> Executive Committee members.
> Here is a brief summary of some of the major talks and discussions.
> Hisham introduced the ongoing programs of Foundation focused on the
> outreach of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects to masses and bring out
> potential editors for both English and Indic Wikipedias. The primary
> structure of new projects for India includes creating awareness through
> various media with a prime focus on Digital Media (Central Notice, Social
> Networks, Video Editing, etc) and campus programs like Pune Pilot Project.
> The present campus program also encompasses on educating students as well as
> teachers about the importance of Wikipedia and Potential of Wikipedia in
> Classrooms. The model structures from US campus programs which gave rise to
> a huge some 962 good quality articles could be also a beneficial factor to
> be imparted with an Indian context. He also insisted using repeatability
> impact of core messages during the outreach programs like [Edit] India!. And
> also during this sort of campaigns a student-teacher correlation and
> collaborative effort will give birth to not only a handy, easily searchable
> modern tool but also an imperative knowlegde base for various age groups and
> professions. These campus programs will also make a student-teacher
> relationship better to join hands and produce authentic, reliable source of
> information and make conventional education easier rather than creating
> cracks in the existing education system, the mission is to bridge the gaps,
> not expanding them. The campus program will also facilitate
> extensive support for training on editing, motivation for both student and
> teachers, monitoring the strategic implementation by campus ambassadors. The
> Pune Pilot project will be a learning sessions and infancy of future
> outreach campaigns for India.
> The 2nd Talk of the day was by EC President Arjuna which started by
> introduction of the EC members Gautam, Anirudh, Arun to the attendees. He
> shared the following points
> a) Formulation of several guidelines of the approved India Chapter
> membership. The chapter has opened a bank account and will soon be opening
> the membership. All Indian nationals of/above 18 with contact address in
> India can become members.  An online form will be made available, which
> needs to be filled and then printed. The printed form after signing can be
> sent to chapter office along with payment details.  He shared the benefits
> of membership and encouraged all the participants to become members once the
> membership is open.
> b) He also shared the idea of designing Wikimedia Chapter brochures in
> English and native languages. He shared a sample brochure to explain the key
> expectations from the brochure.
> c) He said that  city/language subcommittee is being launched soon and
> invited community members to propose Wikimedians to serve on the same.
> Finally WMF Board of Trustee member Bishakha Datta shared a brief talk
> about her current role with the foundation and possible major goals,
> involvement of Women Wikipedians, socio-economic strategies and progressive
> growth in the field of Art, Culture and Communication.
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> *
> *(Report prepared with support from Hisham and Arjun. Guidance from Tinu
> Cherian)*
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> Thanks
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