Hello friends,

On Saturday representatives of Mumbai Wikipedia Community, Amitabh Kundan
and Pranav (User:Wheredevelsdare), came over to Pune on 14 My 2011  for
discussing the forthcoming Wikiconference India 2011 and met up with
representatives of Pune community, Sudhanwa Jogalekar, Radha Mishra, Suhel
Bohra, Srikeit, Harshad Gune and Ashwin Baindur. The Wikimedia India chapter
was represented by Arjuna Rao Chawala (chapter President), the Wikimedia
India National Office by Hisham Mundol. Bishakha Datta, Trustee, Wikimedia
Foundation graced the meeting with her presence.

The Pune Wikipedia Community acknowledged the great honour done by Mumbai
community in asking the Pune community to co-host the event and promised all
cooperation. Subsequently in the evening meetup the members of the Pune
Wikipedia Community were informed about this prosal and the Pune community
unanimously agreed to particpate and support the venture.

Pranav gave a presentation on the progress so far - the suggested dates for
finalisation i.e. 4 to 6 Nov 2011, the proposed venues for the meetup, the
accomodation, a marquee event featuring Jimbo Wales and a social
get-together. Also discussed at the meeting were the proposed makeup of
organising committee, the modalities, likely budget, and other issues. The
Mumbai meetup where they will discuss these issues is being held next
weekend. After that we assume the planning will begin in right earnest.

Kudos to Mumbai community for all the footwork and hard work put in to

Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur
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