We have just finished the 4th Meetup for Odia Wikipedia and this was the 2nd
Odia Wiki Meet up in Bengaluru on Sunday 2011April22.

Totally 7 interested folks attended the event.

Odia Wikipedians Ashutosh Kar & Subha Pa headed the event and started the
event with a primary introduction of the present status and main agenda of
the meetup. Subha Pa demonstrated the basics of Wikipedia, Five pillars, How
to Edit Odia Wikipedia, sign up, photo upload and alignment along with basic
introduction of syntax for the new users.

Then the Wikipedians talked about the issues which came across in the recent
days and how they can be solved out. As most of the Wikipedians were either
students or working professionals time constraint is one of the biggest
huddle, many haven't learn the use of typing tool which will also improve in
the coming days. We discussed about Usage of Templates, when and how which
template could be used and how new templates which are not there in the En
Wiki could also be made.Wikipedians also discussed how much impact the
recent Meetupas/Workshops had on the Odia Wikipedia and how such outreach
campaigns can boost the growth of the Odia Wikipedia.

Odia Wikipedia has announced the first Odia Wki project, to reach 1000
articles before 1 June. Individuals attended the event divided the the whole
project based on the user's interest and taken charge of several different
aspects. And also we have set the target to add more and more pictures in
the coming days related to Odia under the template "*Odia loves
Wikipedia"*which will also inspire more people to join in this
movement will cover many
of the heritage sites which still don't have a photo in Commons, We're
motivating more people to upload in Commons so that anyone can access them
and use them.

Here is the 2nd Bengaluru Wikipedia Odia Meetup link
and 1000 Articles before 1 June 2011

And Odia Wikipedia few new users who already have started working,
Mrutyunjay Kar (Enormous contribution for Odia Cinema), Dr. Subhransu Mishra
(has written the most extensive article of a medicinal importance) and
Sourav Mohanty.

And also congratulations to the youngest Odia Wikipedian for contributing
maximum amount of templates and making considerable edits.

Thanks Royson for the CIS Space and Tinu for the support.


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