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> There is major problem in depending upon Non-FOSS solutions.

There is. However, the line that comes immediately next might just
need to be couched as a personal opinion in the absence of cited facts
around it :)

> It seems google used api's for collecting crowd sourced input for
> improving their database & now shutting it down. Input methods such as
> Tranlitration does not need online services . It can be easily done
> without google or microsoft.  And popularise extensions such as
> Narayam existing on mediawiki is the best way to move forward. In
> addition, it will be good if Indic wikipediam's can develop a
> stylebook for correct usage and link it with extensions such as
> narayam. Then the possibility of typing errors can also be reduced.

I am more interested in the line in Sudhanwa's mail which seems to
suggest that WMF should be providing APIs (and, hosting a service
therefore ?) around this aspect.

And, I am afraid I also do not comprehend the usage of the term
'stylebook' - what does it mean in this context ?

> In my pinion Translation Service& its api of google for indic is not
> that great anyway , and usable for wikimedia projects . So i believe
> it will not make much issues in wikimedia indic projects

The usage of the Google Translate API has been, for a while, discussed
under the umbrella of whether the translated content can be 'freely'
(as in libre-ly) used across domains.

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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