Hi Folks

We conduct a monthly IRC on India Programs on the first Thursday of every 
month.  I'm writing to invite you to attend tomorrow's IRC.  I've scheduled it 
for 9pm IST - based on feedback I've gotten from the community when discussing 
this at the various meet-ups I've been attending that this time slot might be 
more convenient.

Something different that I thought we would do in the IRC tomorrow is to have 
some guests.  Specifically, I wanted to invite Frank, Annie, PJ & Srikeit - all 
of who are supporting the Wikipedia India Education Program's Pune Pilot.  
Frank & Annie are with the Foundation.  PJ is from the Campus Ambassador 
program in the US - and has offered to come down to Pune to support this 
initiative for just under the next 3 months.  Srikeit is an existing Wikipedia 
and has offered to support the program for the next 1 year. 

I thought it would be a great way of getting to know them and for you to 
interact with them and to discuss the (very early) signals that we would have 
on the program (given that we are starting formal outreach today.)  We'd love 
to hear your views as well.  

As always, we will also give a quick summary of India Programs and discuss any 
other issues you'd like to.

Do join us!


Hisham Mundol

Wikimedia India Programs
skype   : hisham.wikimedia
gtalk   : hmun...@wikimedia.org
twitter : @mundol

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