Over the last week, we are working on changes to the wiki to support the
members only wiki (to be launched soon) and I am glad to report that most of
the changes needed are complete. We could not communicate earlier, as the
changes were not meant to have impact on community wiki.  The community wiki
(http://wiki.wikimedia.in/)  will continue to be available except for any
adminstrative changes to support the new features.

One feature that has been introduced is to enable email confirmation of
users to prevent Spam edits. If you notice any problem in using community
wiki, kindly bring to my notice by an email or message on my usertalk page:
user:Arjunaraoc. I will get in touch with Manuel  to resolve it at the
earliest. Manuel has been helping us a lot with the enabling of new changes
and has provided us with a nice solution.

Regret the inconvenience if any caused due to these changes and thanks for
your cooperation, as we make progress in operationalising the chapter.

Arjuna Rao Chavala
President, Wikimedia Chapter
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