Regardless of my opinion on this, I wanted to fill in those reading this.
Vibhijain, aged 13 according to his userpage [1] joined WMF projects about 3
months ago, in that time, he has requested sysops on 2 or 3 indic-language
projects, crat rights, bot rights, inquired about oversight rights and asked
for removal HPN from

He has also submitted a bid for wikimania 2013 for Delhi alone, proposed a
new chapter, proposed a new language project, agreed to present and attend
every presentation at WIkimania this year in Haifa without going there as
well as join WM NYC, and several other WM chapters around the world.

I can appreciate his enthusiasm, but I have informed him several times to
stick with a project and learn how things work first.

No one involved in this idea so far has organized a single meetup, or even
attended one. I would first inform him to meet a wikipedian from Delhi, this
discussion should not be taken seriously.



On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 8:51 PM, CherianTinu Abraham

> No offence, But with the existence of a national chapter for India and also
> Wikimedia Foundation office in Delhi, IMHO the need of Delhi chapter
> is redundant. Especially when the India chapter also plans to have location
> and language SIGs soon.
> We don't need more organisations.. we need to get more work done only ;)
> -Tinu Cherian
> On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 8:38 PM, Vibhi Jain <> wrote:
>> A new chapter proposal for *Wikimedia Delhi City* has been placed. If
>> passes, it would be the fourth Sub-national chapter of Wikimedia. For
>> further details, go to , the profits of a local
>> chapter would be:
>> * More promotion of Wikipedia in Delhi
>> * More support from the Wikimedia Foundation
>> * Will help in Developing wiki community
>> * More Workshops
>> At a very early phase, we need 10-20 People interested in helping to
>> create a local chapter. If you are interested, then please add your name to
>> *''People interested in helping to create a local chapter''* section on
>> the link provided above.
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