RE:Mayur - As I suggested, you could request the Chapter to appoint a regional 
committee (with certain autonomy, reporting directly to the EC). This should 
solve all your issues. Can you please explain exactly how a new chapter will 
help Delhi? Further I am sure your aware it took about 2 years in getting the 
India Chapter sorted, it takes a lot of time effort and money in dealing with 
bureaucracy in getting registered. By the time you have gone through that you 
will be zapped - just whats happened in the India Chapter case where they are 
now getting their bearings together. The guys have done all the hard work, let 
us look forward. If you feel that you could do better if you were part of the 
Chapter Executive Committee - stand for elections at the next AGM!

Further, its unfair to say that the Chapter and foundation are not on your 
side. For example, Anirudh, a member of the Chapter EC was on ground in Delhi 
earlier this year organising Wikipedia X celebrations. The foundation office is 
based in Delhi - how can you say that the Foundation has given Delhi a pass? If 
you have this attitude in Delhi then just imagine what the West or East of 
India should think - the Foundation is in the North and Chapter in the South 
with the East and West squashed in between! Let us remember we are part of the 
Union of India.
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