Thank you, Ravi. The mutual benefit is something, as you have pointed
out, is really important.



On 6 June 2011 12:53, Ravishankar <> wrote:
> Hi Gautam,
> I am not sure if this is related with them closing down other Indic related 
> projects.
> Two guesses:
> 1. They might have started these projects with a goal of collecting some data 
> and they might have met it.
> 2. They might have found the Indic market less profitable at the moment and 
> might have chosen to shut down some resources.
> Google's project can hardly be called a partnership. It started the program 
> on its own and the communities had only two choices: Block them or guide them 
> how to do it better.
> Tamil Wikipedia chose to work with them in the hope of improving this project 
> and tried to provide a pilot model for other Wikipedias.
> From my experience in this project, my personal opinion is that:
> Partnerships should be mutual, transparent, well conceived and always in the 
> best interest of Wikipedia.
> Any commercial interest in the content created will only lead to compromise 
> of some sort.
> For example, if a book publisher wants to write a series of articles in 
> Wikipedia and then publish it, this might seem like a good will gesture of 
> donating articles to Wikipedia. But, the articles may not adhere to 
> Wikipedia's MOS and may be written in a style for their target audience.
> Commercial entities can best support Wikimedia by "donating" resources like 
> tools, facilities and sponsorships to conduct events.
> Ravi

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