Vibhi, if you need help, I can try and get some friends in Delhi et all to
join you in your enthusiasm.
While I'm pleased to see your enthusiasm, your over enthusiasm is what
worries me.

Just to point out, our community was going super strong in the first half of
2009, before our first meetup at Tinu Cherian's house in July 2009. We were
colaborating, discussing and working together, on Wikipedia itself. Without
the mailing list, knowing each other, offline, on Facebook or Twitter ...
Ask anyone in the Banglore community, purely by using Users talk pages we
got several GA and FA level articles. Gdibyendu, SBC-YPR, me and Logicwiki
got Transport in India elevated to GA, without knowing each other offline.
Now, I request Vibhi to think with a clear mind.
- Regards,

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> On Mon, Jun...
Just realized my last two sentences could be misread/misinterpereted: just
to clarify - it would be great if interested wikipedians in Delhi/North
India could meet and  make plans to build these communities. To me, this
seems to be the critical first step, more than plans to start a sub-national
chapter. Community activism is what seems to be needed.

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