Vibhi, I seriously and personally suggest you get in touch with Hari.
In Oct, 2009, Hari had presented a case study on the Kannada wikipedia.
Follow it closely, take guidance from HPN sirjee, and you can do wonders for
the community.
Cheers, and regards.

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> You once requested 3 rights from stewards in one week along with removal
of HPN, it's not co...


> On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 10:35 PM, Vibhi Jain <> wrote:


>>  And now the removal, I don't think that this right is not given to me,
for your information,...


Thanks to Salman for putting some sanity into all this. Since this is being
discussed on the public list, I believe some clarifications are due.

I've had Mr. Vibhi Jain bombarding me with messages on Facebook and Google
Talk, seeking my 'retirement' as a sysop from Sanskrit Wikipedia. So much so
that it has been nothing short of a nuisance for me during work hours for
last couple of weeks. However, unlike our little enthusiastic friend seems
to suggest on this email about him having a fight (goodness gracious!),
there was no _fight_ involved. While I appreciate his enthusiasm, the
approach has been a no-go.

Mr. Vibhi Jain got in touch with me asking "whether I will be active on
Sanskrit Wikipedia or not". If not, he says *he has* drafted a policy which
allows to de-flag a sysop on Sanskrit Wikipedia. On couple of occasions when
he messaged me on Facebook and Google Chat, I tried telling him that
"focusing on improving the projects should be the goal" rather than kicking
people out. I also tried explaining him how "Wikipedians do go inactive at
times on some of the projects and that wouldn't mean they would never
contribute back to the projects". The conversation just ended with his
statements like (in his own words) "the policy will be soon ready. then
please do not say to me that i didn't told u".

Personally, I wouldn't be bothered if my id is deflagged or not. I would
just be helping out in any ways I can, either way.

I would just ignore some of these, pat on his back for the rest of the good
work he's been doing and move on. Having said that, I would definitely wish
that there would be more sanity injected into all this though, and guiding
new contributors in the right direction like Salman has done would always
Hari Prasad Nadig |

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