What do you mean by community?

In case you missed my mail, here it is again:

As far as I know, the Chapter, is registered in K'taka and as per K'taka
rules you need to be above 18 to be a part of it. I'm pretty sure this age
rule is commons throughout the country. If it is, even if you do get a
chapter, you'll have to wait 5 years to be a member.
You're13. The same age, I was when I joined Wikipedia.
I suggest you concentrate on your edits.
I see you have good language skills, why don't you focus on local
Or help me translate Huggle to Hindi or Samskrit?
Have a look:

Arun, Naveen, and I had held a Samskrit academy last year in Bangalore.
The people who attended it are still active on Samskrit Wikipedia. Get in
touch with Arun or me, we can plug you into their Google Group.

Are you interested in Photography?
Or editing images? Maps perhaps?
Get in touch with PlaneMad, Logicwiki, SBC-YPR, naveenpf or me, we can
collectively contribute to the Commons.

If you are interested in bird watching, I'm pretty sure User:Shyamal will be
more than happy to help you identify  birds and upload pictures.

Or are you into coding?
Get in touch with Logicwiki, Tinucherian or Yuvipanda.
I'm pretty sure you can improve your edits and contributions thru these

My best wishes to you.



On 6 June 2011 19:11, Vibhi Jain <> wrote:

> Hey, as Mayur said, we will not proceed without a community. Well I am
> interested in all those programs. I will contact you on your email id soon.
> Thanks.
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