Thanks for this well-needed clarification, Gautum.

As I understood, it was the Mumbai and Pune community that came up with the
idea for this event, they reached out to different members of the community,
and had our support.

I would like to know the purpose of this framework? does this imply that
chapter approval/support would be needed for any future events?


On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 2:57 PM, Gautam John <> wrote:

> Hey All:
> We realise that the WikiConference Framework has caused some confusion and
> we wanted to clarify this.
> The Chapter EC would like to indicate intent of the following:
>    - The Chapter indicates its intent to take the responsibility of
>    working with various stakeholders to have this event run year on year
>    - We would like to help build with the community a repeatable and
>    sustainable set of methods that would help organize an national annual
>    Wikimedian event.
>    - The focus is to evolve a framework that would allow City, Chapter and
>    other community stakeholders to participate in organising the annual event
>    in manner that the experiences, learning and best practices can be carried
>    forward across years.
> The following clarifications are also in order:
>    1. The framework is a draft and is open for further refinement with
>    various stakeholder inputs. The framework will always be an ideal goal. 
> Even
>    if the proposal doesn't match it, the idea is for the Chapter to help 
> bridge
>    that gap.
>    2. We do believe that as a general practice it is good haver many
>    cities bidding to run this event on annual basis and that a choice is made
>    based on the merits of the bid.
>    3. The enthusiasm and passion shown by the Mumbai and Pune Wikipedians
>    in taking the lead get an event of this nature for the first time is
>    laudable. We also owe a debt of gratitude to the Bombay and Pune 
> communities
>    for bringing the discussion and planning thus far for the event.
>    4. What we intended to communicate is that we know Mumbai has an event
>    being planned and even if it doesn't match whatever framework we all come 
> up
>    with, it doesn't really matter, because all of us, Community and Chapter,
>    will work together to bridge the gap such that the event works.
>    5. It's awesome that Mumbai and Pune communities are ready to go with
>    the event. It doesn't appear at this stage that there any other volunteers
>    or bids in the making. We all want an event of this nature to happen. That
>    said, we are also trying to put some process and structure around it for
>    future events.
> Thank you very much.
> For Wikimedia Chapter, India.
> Best,
> Gautam
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