Hey Arnav:

Welcome to the list and it's great to hear that you want to do outreach work.

There are three usual methods:

1. A Wikipedia meet up. For example:
2. A Wikipedia academy. See:
3. A Photo Walk. See:

They are all unique in their own ways - a meetup is a great way to
figure out who is interested locally and start to build a community in
that area. An academy is a good way to introduce people to Wikipedia,
in particular, editing Wikipedia. A photo walk is an easy way to
engage within a geography to do something fun - collect pictures and
then to upload that on to Commons and see it being used to illustrate

It might be easiest to start with a meet up and take it from there?

I'm hoping Tinu and Hari and others will respond as well - they have
done much outreach and will be able to help. Also, I know Hisham has
been dealing with outreach as well and has some ideas here:

(As an aside, could I please request community members who have
conducted outreach to help populate FAQs of some sort on these and
other activities under the "You can help" section on
wiki.wikimedia.in? It will help serve as a very useful starter guide.)

Thank you.



On 9 June 2011 18:57, Arnav Sonara <sonara.ar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> As the subject suggests, I am planning to carry out few outreach sessions in
> Gujarat since I will be there for my vacations starting in few days. These
> sessions are simply intended to let people over there know what exactly is
> wikipedia and how it is growing in other parts of country and if they are
> interested in it how they can start contributing to wikipedia. Now since I
> am a newbie and this would be my first kind of presentation, so I need help
> from you guys. Please feel free to suggest me anything related to it. I have
> downloaded few presentations from various Wikis and might create one
> presentation from those only and the sole purpose would be "Introducing
> Wikipedia" to them, and am planning to start this from my Hometown and my
> own school St. Xavier's High School Jamnagar, and would later contact other
> school/colleges in Jamnagar and if I get good response or anyone is willing
> then I am ready to move down to nearby cities also. As far as I know these
> kind of activities have not yet been conducted in that part of country yet,
> I want those people also to know where exactly Wikipedia and India are
> headed and since I belong from that locale only the communication would not
> be a problem between us. Also I basically plan to go to schools first and
> meet teachers and students on how they can use and contribute to wikipedia
> and how other people are using it and contributing to it.
> So please everyone I want your feedback regarding this, and also if anyone
> on this list is from Gujarat please contact me so that we can plan things
> and work accordingly.
> --
> Thanks
> Arnav (ricku).
> (User:Rangilo_Gujarati)
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