We think a few specific points with relation to the framework need to be
brought out -

1. The Chapter Executive Committee should not take the sole responsibility
for selecting a bid. While the Chapter Executive Committee is an examplary
body, a group consisting of members from the Executive Committee, the
community and Foundation could be ideal to select a specific city in case of
bids placed by cities.
2. The Organizing Committee (OC) suggested could turn out to be very big.
Specifics on the number or limitation on number of people in the OC would be
a great clarification. Managing an event is a big deal. The head of the
Organizing Committee must be able to concentrate on the event and not worry
about managing his Organizing Committee too much. As Tinu said - as minimal
as possible to reduce bureaucracy and facilitate decision making to make the
event a success.
3. It would be great to clarify on the venue for the AGM, whether it needs
to be held in Bangalore/Karnataka (since chapter is registered in Karnataka)
or can be held anywhere in India. If the AGM can be held only in
Bangalore/Karnataka, it would be great to strike out objective no. 3:
held together with Annual General body Meeting (AGM) of Wikimedia Chapter,
as it will help broader participation from across India in AGM and make for
a vibrant and active membership base." altogether. I understand the use of
word "preferably". But, if the Chapter can clarify on requirements of AGM
venue, it would be great.
4. The point about the Head of the Organizing Committee should also be
discussed. I think that it would be better for the Organizing Committee to
select/elect the Head once the OC is constituted. To say that the head of
the OC *should* be from the Chapter is rather wrong.

warm regards,
Pradeep Mohandas
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