Hi Ashwin,

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> Dear Arjuna,
> It is so good to get your whole-hearted support and clarifications :) . We
> support the chapter in every way and are glad that the chapter is fully
> supporting the community. The clarifications therein have put to rest the
> concerns of the community. These, imho, have arisen from a lack of
> communication and we request that such a situation should not rise again and
> frank and fair communication be resorted to by all parties concerned.
> We look forward to your mature guidance to the OC and active and useful
> participation from Gautam & Arun in the committee. With the chapter's
> support, I'm sure the event will be a great success. Further, with the full
> support of the chapter, the community's accomplishments will be such that
> national chapter India can raise their heads high in the annual chapter
> meetup next year and in the years to come.
> Thanks for your mail and understanding. I am sure that  organizing this
event at the national scale will throw up  challenges,  which can be met  by
active participation of all stakeholders.

> Let's go forth and organise :-) !
Sure. Look forward to contributing to make this event a success.

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